1.  We discuss the goals you are trying to accomplish. Do you want to generate leads? Do you want more organic traffic to your site? Do you want to improve your search ranking? These are the types of sustainable goals we will discuss at the forefront.


2.  We start brainstorming to come up with cool and relevant project ideas that will help accomplish your established brand goals.


3.  We create the content. Maybe it’s a long-form article featuring original research and correlating visuals, an awesome infographic, an in-depth data visualization, or an animated GIF. We can even create interactive projects for more engagement. The possibilities are endless.


4.  Once the project is complete and your stamp of approval is on it, we go into the promotion stage. We have established media relationships cultivated through thought leadership, highly-tailored conversations, and valuable feedback. Typically, getting in touch with publications is tough, not to mention getting content placed. We have risen to the challenge and placed content with some of the biggest publishers online including Mashable, Yahoo News, The Huffington Post, Esquire, CBS, Thought Catalog and MTV.


5.  Once these publishers pick up the project (which they will, because they love interesting, original content) it will be posted for their massive audiences to view. And the best part, the article will have a nice dofollow link back to your original blog or website.


6.  After promoting the project for a full month, we give you a report showing how awesome your project did (increased traffic, domain authority, and much more).


7.  We pat ourselves on the back, and start brainstorming for your next killer project.


This process has proven to be extremely successful, and is currently one of the best ways to execute digital marketing. Who doesn’t like interesting, emotionally compelling content? That is why they say “Content is King”.

If this sounds like a good plan to you, let’s have a conversation. We’re ready to create something awesome and “fresh” for your organization.